Tuesday, January 16, 2007

'Worth Checking Out' sidebar

I have this sidebar for the best sites to visit. The owners are a pleasure with whom to do business and have great customer service.

You won't believe the color variety of luscious, hand-dyed merino at 'Angora Valley Fibers'. Two weights to choose from. I have knit socks from her wool and they hold up without nylon reinforcement. Amazing!

'EZ and Meg Swansen' don't need much of an introduction and if you haven't heard of them, please visit the side bar with their name. If you want to be able to knit items that fit YOU with YOUR gauge and YOUR wool, this is the way to go. You will definitely be set FREE.

On a sock knitting group I belong to, I read about a woman who was traveling across country. As she was knitting along with her small wooden dpn's, one broke. She stopped at a yarn store in Springfield, Missouri. To her surprise, she was greeted by a most gracious, helpful and friendly Sandy at 'Simply Fibers'. Her store is beautiful! A must see.

The 'FREE knitting tutorials' by Kristin should be a must for all knitters. Beginners will definitely benefit. Even though I am a more experienced knitter, I left a tip for her. I was in awe of all she offers.

For you lace knitters out there, 'Knitted Heirloom Lace' is a dream come true! Gloria has some eye candy in her gallery that will make you drool. She offers a free pattern you've just got to check out.

I have seen some wonderful 'Vintage Linens' at this link. The owner has a wealth of information on vintage items. I have first-hand knowledge with some tatting supplies I acquired from her.

While knitting away on a sock with my 5"dpn, US 0 'Brittany Needles', one broke! I stared at it for, what seemed to be, minutes in disbelief. After contacting the company, via the web, an e-mail was sent back to me stating they would be sending me a replacement the next day. Now THAT'S customer service!

I hope you will take a moment and look at these websites. In the future, if I add new names, I will mention how I came to meet up with them. In the meantime, please keep those needles clicking!

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Sandy said...

Thanks so much NancyMaria for your kind words. Stop in and see us if you ever find yourself in Springfield, MO., just a diversion on your way to Branson...:-)
Soon we'll open our web store. We aim to provide the same great service there too.... very soon.
About those Brittany needles, they ARE a fabulous company to deal with. We don't have many defective Brittany needles but we know if we do, our distributor will send us a new pair right away. As customers and store owners, we like that. The reasonable price is a nice bonus too!
Have a great needle-clicking day,