Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Orenburg 'Diamond Triangular Shawl', Part 2

I'm definitely knitting along on this shawl as I am approaching Row 99. It's smooth sailing as long as the house is quiet and I count out-loud. :)
I found a symbol missing on Row 7 past the 7 repeats of the outlined-in-red box. There should be a ^ (k3tog) between the 2 yo's.
While I was knitting back on Row 66, I noticed one yo, k2tog. Just one! I think I checked and rechecked several times before I decided it was 'supposed' to be there.
Don't forget while knitting this that beginning Row 7, of the Border, with the 1st Turn (and thereafter every 16th row), the first yo, k2tog should be 'k2tog, yo'. I circled them all the way up the pattern so as not to knit as shown.
So, with that said, it's knitting up real nice.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Argyle Socks For Hubby

Have you ever made/attempted argyle socks? Or argyle anything?
I finally gave in to the calling. The calling was hubby. I finally convinced him that wool socks were the way to go.
Luckily, I had 'Leisure Arts leaflet 261' that is dedicated to Argyle Socks in two different weights (fingering and sport).
I used Dale of Norway Heilo in shades of medium blue, light blue and cream with gold for the duplicate-stitching.
My adventure began with knitting on two needles back and forth from the cuff down to the top of the foot with my bobbins of wool dangling. I was surprised how smooth everything was going.
The heel stitches were put on a holder and were knitted next. After completing the gusset, I joined the sock in the round to knit the foot to the desired length less the required inches for the toe. I finished weaving the toe stitches and began (and completed) the duplicate stitching. It was time now to carefully mattress stitch the back seam and sides of gusset. I saved the best (?) for last...weaving in the ends of the diamonds. Well, all in all, the socks were worth it. I did not reinforce the toes or heel as I sometimes do.
Would I make them again? Sure...because hubby is VERY happy and takes great care with them...not right now, though. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Branched Fern Sock

I started this sock when the invitation to join the Branched Fern Sock KAL appeared on a sock knitting group. Rochelle is the designer.
I have made many socks and since this is the first time I would be doing a toe up, I couldn't resist. It is such a nice toe. Then comes the pattern. Wow! I couldn't wait to make the heel flap as it is my all time favorite AND it's done backwards (or upside down)! It's the *sl1, k1; rep from *. I prefer it for the strength and extra cushion. If you follow the instructions, you can't go wrong.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful color!? The color is called African Violet from Knit Picks Essential.
Hope you will decide to join the group and make these yourself! The pattern is free and you get free help. How much better does it get?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

'Worth Checking Out' sidebar

I have this sidebar for the best sites to visit. The owners are a pleasure with whom to do business and have great customer service.

You won't believe the color variety of luscious, hand-dyed merino at 'Angora Valley Fibers'. Two weights to choose from. I have knit socks from her wool and they hold up without nylon reinforcement. Amazing!

'EZ and Meg Swansen' don't need much of an introduction and if you haven't heard of them, please visit the side bar with their name. If you want to be able to knit items that fit YOU with YOUR gauge and YOUR wool, this is the way to go. You will definitely be set FREE.

On a sock knitting group I belong to, I read about a woman who was traveling across country. As she was knitting along with her small wooden dpn's, one broke. She stopped at a yarn store in Springfield, Missouri. To her surprise, she was greeted by a most gracious, helpful and friendly Sandy at 'Simply Fibers'. Her store is beautiful! A must see.

The 'FREE knitting tutorials' by Kristin should be a must for all knitters. Beginners will definitely benefit. Even though I am a more experienced knitter, I left a tip for her. I was in awe of all she offers.

For you lace knitters out there, 'Knitted Heirloom Lace' is a dream come true! Gloria has some eye candy in her gallery that will make you drool. She offers a free pattern you've just got to check out.

I have seen some wonderful 'Vintage Linens' at this link. The owner has a wealth of information on vintage items. I have first-hand knowledge with some tatting supplies I acquired from her.

While knitting away on a sock with my 5"dpn, US 0 'Brittany Needles', one broke! I stared at it for, what seemed to be, minutes in disbelief. After contacting the company, via the web, an e-mail was sent back to me stating they would be sending me a replacement the next day. Now THAT'S customer service!

I hope you will take a moment and look at these websites. In the future, if I add new names, I will mention how I came to meet up with them. In the meantime, please keep those needles clicking!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Orenburg 'Diamond Triangular Shawl', Part 1

My friend, Courtney, and I have started a long project with this shawl. It is out of "The Gossamer Webs Design Collection". So far, I have a little over 12 hours invested. I am using a lace weight natural colored merino wool on size 1, 24" circular needles. It is knit back and forth.
Courtney has found a possible error at Row 7 when turning the 1st corner. The border pattern is correct (if you have the 3rd printing). She has e-mailed Interweave Press and is awaiting a reply.
This knitting is very fun and enjoyable.
On another note - it's been snowing on and off all day. A great day to be in and get some serious knitting done.
Other objects on the needles: socks, socks, socks; sweater for my mom; sweater for my sister-in-law; dishcloths knit in the round.
Things I want to do: sew, knit some doilies, crochet some doilies, clean fleece so I can card and spin it, knit my son another sweater and a couple of tams, write a book about knitting, have my own shop, make things for everyone I like.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sweater for my son

My son designed this sweater that I finally started in Feb. 2006. It was completed Dec. 30th!!
He wanted cotton so I used Wildflower DK. I had the help of EZ and Sweater Wizard to knit it in the round with phoney seams. Since I planned on using duplicate stitch for the diamonds, I left them off. I gave up after several attempts to make the stitch look good. I thought I was going to cry until my dear hubby suggested I knit the diamonds and use my serger to shape them. Hmmm, I thought, that sounds like it might work. Needless to say, I knit the rectangles one color after another and cast off. I sandwiched the piece between two sheets of tearaway stabilizer (thank you Nancy's Notions); stitched the diamond shape with the sewing machine and then serged the edges. An embroidery chain stitch holds the diamonds in place as well as, a little whip stitching with sewing thread. Voila!! Son has his sweater now and it is as unique as he is.

Monday, January 1, 2007

This isn't easy

Okay, I just spent 3 hours working on my blog and I was only adding "one" thing.
I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. I can't be the only one. Am I?

On another note, I just ordered some more sock yarn and lace knitting yarn. When I figure how to link websites I think are awesome, I will do so.