Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Orenburg 'Diamond Triangular Shawl', Part 2

I'm definitely knitting along on this shawl as I am approaching Row 99. It's smooth sailing as long as the house is quiet and I count out-loud. :)
I found a symbol missing on Row 7 past the 7 repeats of the outlined-in-red box. There should be a ^ (k3tog) between the 2 yo's.
While I was knitting back on Row 66, I noticed one yo, k2tog. Just one! I think I checked and rechecked several times before I decided it was 'supposed' to be there.
Don't forget while knitting this that beginning Row 7, of the Border, with the 1st Turn (and thereafter every 16th row), the first yo, k2tog should be 'k2tog, yo'. I circled them all the way up the pattern so as not to knit as shown.
So, with that said, it's knitting up real nice.

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