Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Argyle Socks For Hubby

Have you ever made/attempted argyle socks? Or argyle anything?
I finally gave in to the calling. The calling was hubby. I finally convinced him that wool socks were the way to go.
Luckily, I had 'Leisure Arts leaflet 261' that is dedicated to Argyle Socks in two different weights (fingering and sport).
I used Dale of Norway Heilo in shades of medium blue, light blue and cream with gold for the duplicate-stitching.
My adventure began with knitting on two needles back and forth from the cuff down to the top of the foot with my bobbins of wool dangling. I was surprised how smooth everything was going.
The heel stitches were put on a holder and were knitted next. After completing the gusset, I joined the sock in the round to knit the foot to the desired length less the required inches for the toe. I finished weaving the toe stitches and began (and completed) the duplicate stitching. It was time now to carefully mattress stitch the back seam and sides of gusset. I saved the best (?) for last...weaving in the ends of the diamonds. Well, all in all, the socks were worth it. I did not reinforce the toes or heel as I sometimes do.
Would I make them again? Sure...because hubby is VERY happy and takes great care with them...not right now, though. :)


Alberta said... are so creative and so talented. Your work is a genuine piece of art. I don't know anyone who can knit like that and have the love for it in their heart like you do. You are magnificent girl! And how many hubbies get socks like that? None that I know of and I get around.

Happy Knitting....Alberta

jen said...

Your argyle socks are beautiful! I've knit one pair of argyles and really enjoyed them; the construction is interesting - but ohh, the tails to weave in! I'll definitely make another pair, but think I'll wait a while!

Ann H. said...

Wow, those are awesome looking socks.

Ann H.

Tabitha said...

Great socks Maria. Your hubby is a lucky man. Can't tell my hubby about them or he will want a pair too. He doesn't know that there are some hubbies who get argyles.

Anonymous said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job with the argyle socks. I should have known! Yes, your husband is very lucky too to have you there knitting for him. My hubby just gets plain socks but he loves them. He wears them when he has to go out with the snowblower or when it is very cold here.