Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Orenburg Diamond Triangular Shawl is completed!

This beautiful shawl is in the process of drying so this picture is of it stretched out on the carpet (pre-blocked). The points still show up pretty good.
The knitting flowed pretty smoothly. I knit on it when I could be alone without interruption.
I still came across a few more errors such as a symbol omission and misplacement of yo's and k2tog's. (those errors are not listed in the errata for the booklet.) If my dear friend, Courtney, hadn't had the keen eye to notice the first misplacement (that affected the border all the way around) I would have had to rip more.
I love the way it looks. To keep from repeating myself on the yarn, needles and pattern I used, please click on the label for Orenburg.
When I started this project, I decided to keep track of my knitting time, too. Even with the few times I had to 'knit backwards', I was able to complete it in just under 85 hours.
I'd like to start the next Galina project in her booklet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Geese In Flight - progress

This pattern is just lovely!
As I was knitting the heel, I noticed the diamond pattern appearing. Never made one like that. Loved it, too!
I'm using Knitpicks Palette in white (cuz snow geese are mostly white) and reinforcing the heel and toe with white serger woolly nylon. This loose knitter is knitting with Inox US sz 0 dpn's.
The yahoo group finds a free pattern each month to knit together. If there are any questions, you have others knitting the same pattern at the same time.
If you like lace, this knits up nice.

Horcrux Socks finished

Okay, I'm finally posting a picture of the finished socks I made for my son!
Yes, I noticed how LONG they look....and....
I'm happy to report - they fit him!! He has been wearing them and getting all kinds of compliments from his friends.
The progress report, I posted about earlier, has all the particulars on where to get the pattern.
They were fun to knit and I would make them again using the house colors.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What is a CSM?

I went to the Lacey Retreat, this past weekend, with my antique circular sock knitting machine. It's a Legare 47 and was built to knit socks for the troops during WWI.

When you click on the picture, look for the two black cones of wool and scroll up.
I mainly knit socks by hand since I love to do a lot of fancy stitches. The CSM is a great one for ribbing and stockinette stitch. Lace patterns and flat work can also be accomplished. Every time I work with my Legare, I learn something new!

Feta and Papaya - together again

Feta - Another Creature, Great and Small

Here's a bit about Feta [named from the Cheesiest Litter]:

6 week old Feta Hart (a female Agouti Berk was born January 29, 2005, and died June 7, 2006) came home with us from Portland, OR.
Feta was very trusting and an avid explorer. My husband, Ed, would put his hand out to her and she would climb into it without hesitation. He soon learned that Miss Feta would rather use his hand as an elevator than walk down the ramp for breakfast, lunch or dinner! She loved to eat and Ed nicknamed her his little Buddha.
She wanted to see and smell everything. She was fearless! Ed, used to say if she was out in the wild, she would be the first one in a trap!
Miss Feta struggled with the silent respiratory killer. On June 7, 2006, an x-ray showed air in only one lung. Feta was miserable and very scared. With much agony, we let her go to rat heaven that day. She was a little over 17 months old. The joy she brought to us, as all rat owners know, was priceless. We miss her dearly.

Papaya - A Creature, Great and Small {Final Chapter}

Sweet Papaya was laid to rest on April 2nd, 2007.
I didn't think I was going to make it back home.
She is missed deeply.
Papaya left deep rattie prints on our hearts.

Papaya - A Creature, Great and Small

It doesn't seem to matter what animal you fall in love with....they become a part of your family. [Picture is of Papaya - so named from the Fruity Litter.]
It all began when I wanted to get a little pet for my son. We're in the pet store going our separate ways checking out all the possibilities. I hear the pet store owner, standing next to my son, calling out my name. As I approached them, the owner places a small animal in my hands. I cup it so it can't fall. He, later named Skittles (like the candy), licked my hand. Oh, my gosh!, it's tasting me!!! I reluctantly agreed to get my son this cute little male ratling. Skittles and my son grew to be best friends. They even took naps together.
Now after several ratties have come and gone, I talked my hubby into two wee ones I found on the web. I was making sure to find ones that were bred for health and disposition.