Sunday, September 28, 2008

MS4 update

This is Mystery Stole 4 through Clue #3.
I LOVE, LOVE knitting it.
I need to get busy and knit Clue #4 now!

SOTS iii update

This is my Secret of the Stole iii - through Hint #6.
I LOVE, LOVE knitting this.
Did I say that I LOVE this? Mmmmm.......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Holiday Mystery Gift Along


This is BIG!

How can you resist having all your gift ideas for knitting and crocheting in one place?
Well, it is.

Terry is starting this on Saturday, September 20th!

I'll see you there!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SOTS iii

Here's what else I'm doing......Secret of the Stole iii.

The yarn is Grignasco Merinosilk in a pale pink. The beads are, once again, from Beadwrangler and are 6/0 Clear Crystal Silver-lined. I'm knitting with US sz 4 needles.

It's a wonderful knit and the crocheted Rosette is from Piecework Magazine. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Reba came to our house on August 5th.
This is a really good story about a gal [me] who really didn't care all that much for dogs - especially in the house. I mean, this gal, grew up with the knowledge that German Shepherds were to be outside to guard/protect the home. That kind of dog is useful.
One day, that gal was looking through the WA shelters [on-line] and saw this little face.........and just had to have her.
She's a 7 month old rescue (8 months old now) and she lives in the house. Yup, you read/heard right. She weighed almost 6 pounds - very underweight. She now weighs 7.45 pounds and loves, loves ME.
Reba is so smart. This gal has trained her to heel, sit, come, and not be anxious. Reba is a relaxed and happy pooch.
What is her breed? Someone mixed Poodle with Chihuahua so she's a Poo/Chi. :)
I love Reba.

Mystery Stole KAL #4

Okay, folks, here is a picture of the first clue completed x 2.

The group closes it's membership tonight at midnight. You can find it here: Mystery Stole 4.

I'm using Ebony Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 and size 8/0 Clear Crystal Silver-lined beads. The best place to get beads is through Beadwrangler! Lydia is a wonderful businesswoman with a personal touch.
[Background is my Orenburg Diamond Triangular Shawl] :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Socks..and How does your garden grow....

Well, the post office thought it would take two weeks for the socks to get to Iraq. My ex got them in 5 days! What did he think of them? He said they were Perfect! and Comfy!

Then my mom sent me some potatoes. These aren't just any potatoes......she grew them in her garden. She had over 90 hills of them! Now, most of my friends know that my mom grows her own vegetables and fruit...and then prepares them for the freezer to last her until next garden season. She's an amazing woman. What she learned, in school, helped her survive on next to nothing.

So, I prepared the two biggest potatoes weighing in at 1 pound EACH. The two under the pink ruler weigh over 11 ounces. It's going to be really hard going back to store potatoes. Maybe, mom shouldn't send me stuff like that..........