Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Orenburg 'Diamond Triangular Shawl', Part 1

My friend, Courtney, and I have started a long project with this shawl. It is out of "The Gossamer Webs Design Collection". So far, I have a little over 12 hours invested. I am using a lace weight natural colored merino wool on size 1, 24" circular needles. It is knit back and forth.
Courtney has found a possible error at Row 7 when turning the 1st corner. The border pattern is correct (if you have the 3rd printing). She has e-mailed Interweave Press and is awaiting a reply.
This knitting is very fun and enjoyable.
On another note - it's been snowing on and off all day. A great day to be in and get some serious knitting done.
Other objects on the needles: socks, socks, socks; sweater for my mom; sweater for my sister-in-law; dishcloths knit in the round.
Things I want to do: sew, knit some doilies, crochet some doilies, clean fleece so I can card and spin it, knit my son another sweater and a couple of tams, write a book about knitting, have my own shop, make things for everyone I like.


fleegle said...

I weep with envy at this shawl. It's stunning.

....Tina said...

This shawl is beautiful!!! Just stunning! Where did you get the pattern?

cyr said...

Was it really almost 7 years ago that I tried this with you?? Wow.