Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm wild about the Wild Rose Scallop Doily!

I used DMC Cebelia sz 30 in light pink and light green with US sz 10 hook and ended up 11 inches in diameter.

My finish (the pink edging) is not 'exactly' what the pattern called for...but I just could not 'get it'.  I did what I could figure out.

This pattern was one of the choices on the DOM.  It was not picked but I couldn't help myself and just HAD to crochet it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loves Me, Loves Me Not.....

....this crocheted doily was a rewarding one since I made it for one of our neighbors down the road.....a nice retired couple.

In my Decorative Crochet-March 1999 - Number 68, it is pattern #19.  I used size 20 Aunt Lydia's Fine Crochet Thread and US sz 8 crochet hook to make it the size it came out to be...14.75 inches wide.

I can't WAIT to give it to them on Thursday!