Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love, I mean LOVE, counted cross stitch

I finally took a picture of it. DH picked this one out and it was a very challenging counted cross stitch. There were many stitches that used 2 different colored strands at once...........but boy did it make [IMHO] a stunning piece.
Most people, that see this, think it is a painting.
Do you like to cross stitch and what have you done? Please include a link to your work in the comments.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doily for Marilyn..... finished and blocked at 15 1/4" across. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to crochet doilies and have been making a few more.
This one is called "Curtain Call" and is in The Ultimate Doily Book #1185. I used sz 10 crochet thread and a US sz 5 hook to get gauge. The pattern called for bedspread-weight cotton and US sz 7 hook.
Well, I'm off to get this in the mail to Marilyn! I know she will be happy to have it to replace the one burned up in the house fire.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Icelandic Sweater finished and mailed... my son. He asked me to knit this a couple of years ago and sent a picture of a band member wearing this design.
I hymmed and hawwed and dragged my feet a bit. Why?
Well, because this was the first time knitting an Icelandic Sweater, my son has loooooonnng arms [6'4"] and I doubted my ability to get it to fit right.....the first time. I'm the only one....right?
He sure had faith in me or he wouldn't have asked me to knit him one.
I actually had it knit up with gauge in stitches...........HA. Since I haven't knitted something in a yoked pattern, I didn't think gauge in rows was needed. Well, I was wrong and had to frog my first attempt and start over.
I am so glad I did. I am so happy I did.
Thanks to EZ and Meg's way of thinking [and now mine], I made the back a bit longer to avoid that dreaded frontal droop AND the back of the neck is raised a bit, too, so there wouldn't be that dreaded uncovered neck.
The unfinished sweater traveled with me, at Christmas time, to visit my son. He tried it on and oh did he look fine......except that I needed to add an additional 2 3/4" to EACH sleeve. Ha! That was an easy fix! Once I got back home, I snipped a thread about an inch above the needed sleeve increases and picked a whole round out. I then knit the required length, grafted the sleeve back on, weaved the few threads in - here and there, soaked, blocked, dried and mailed it.....
I hope to post a photo of him wearing it real soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tube socks

These tube socks are pretty small. They are for Newborn's and will be leaving my house and going to Bev's. Bev takes them to hospitals in kits for the new babies.
They took me a very short time to knit using wooden US sz 4 dpn needles and Cascade 220 Superwash. The pattern is written for knit OR crochet.
Read about her charity, make just one pair and send 'em to her. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A doily for a friend....

....I just found out their house burned down.

In 1998, I crocheted this same doily for Marilyn in MO. She picked this pattern, after looking through several of my doily books. It's called Curtain Call and it can be found in 'The Ultimate Doily Book' from the American School of Needlework.
I started this yesterday using Steinbach Wolle (sz 10) and a US sz 5 crochet hook. I should be finished with this today, block it and mail it off. She doesn't know I'm crocheting her another one.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Swatch is done......

....actually, this has nothing to do with the pattern except to see how you like the way your yarn and needles play together.
I like the way this looks.....after I changed to US sz 4 [3.5mm] needles. The yarn is Ornaghifilati Merino Oro in a light blue.
Can you believe that I didn't have the yarn, I needed, in my stash?! Thank goodness for my LYS, Yarn & Things. I called her, yesterday, and she put the yarn away for me. DH picked it up today and I was able to knit the swatch AND knit Clue 1!!!!

Not even a bad head cold can stop me!!!!!

.....from the FIRST MMario MMystery KAL......nothing! It started yesterday!!

I am armed with Chicken Noodle soup, Merino Oro lace wool (color 030), and 3.75mm [US sz 5] AddiTurbo Lace needles. So, off to do my swatch!