Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CSM Socks

I took a class from Amelia, to learn to dye sock yarn, at one of the CSM (Circular Sock Machine) Lacey Retreats in WA.
She had all kinds of dye colors, tools, microwave.....everything you would need.
I finally cranked out a pair of socks from my Verdun 47 - 72 cylinder.
I did a 1x1 rib for 1 1/4", switched to a 1x3 rib for 4" where I continued that rib down the front/top of the sock.
I love the way these look and feel. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Icelandic Sweater update...

...well, it's coming along nicely. The hardest {or most unloved} part is when I was knitting with 3 colors. I put it off and put it off and finally gave in.
I already knit in a couple of short rows, for the back, to prevent the dreaded frontal droop! Thank you, Meg Swansen, it makes so much sense and I always incorporate them in for my son.
I will work hard on it today after I do a workout, upstairs, to get me blood moving!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Knitted Hearts

I started with the right heart and got much better as I went along. These are so easy and very beautiful!
The knitted version can also be found on the same yahoo group as I mentioned for the crocheted ones.
Do you see my other crocheted heart for my other ear? :)
Off to find some ear wires and straight pins.

Crocheted Heart

This cute and quick little pattern has decided it wants to be an earring! All right then, I will have to make one more since I have two ears....
[I used Patons Brilliant in Radiant Red]
I can't wait to see what patterns appear on Saturday!'s like an early Christmas for FOUR MONTHS!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wavy Riblets is FREE

I know this picture is a bit dark but I was trying to capture the real deep red color.......
I used Reynold's Saucy with US sz 6 needle and started it late last night, finishing it this morning.
Where did I get this quick and satisfying FREE pattern by Noreen Hunter-Talbot? Why, right here!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My mug rug

Well, would you look at that! It's a mug rug that I was inspired to crochet, today, with the rest of Terry's group. I was done in no time. I used Rowan Ribbon Twist and a US sz K crochet hook.
There are two other patterns posted today, too. One is a Shooting Star!!
Oh!....and you should see the cute elves with their little hats....adorable!!
It's a great group with no bad manners and I'm happy to be there. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shawl progress...

...with US sz 9 circular needles and Unspun Icelandic I bought with Annie. We are both following Marilyn VanKeppel in this KAL.
I would probably be finished if I wasn't knitting on a couple of sweaters, too. :)
This is the first time I've knitted with the Unspun Icelandic (from SchoolHousePress). I hesitated trying it, until now, because I heard too many stories in the Con category versus the Pro category.........Here is MY thought on knitting with's very easy to knit with as a continental knitter. I really like this wool and it's going to be so nice and warm for my dear, sweet mother who appreciates all things wool. [The first thing I noticed is how wonderful it smells!]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3rd day of knitting...

Not bad work for 3 days! It is really a very nice knit.
In order for me to make sure it will fit my super tall son, I have a tracing of him on a roll of craft paper. Once I know the sleeves and body are long enough, they will be joined together [minus the 10 stitches under the arms for the body and the 10 for the sleeves] and I'll knit the handsome yoke.
Yup, I must admit......this is really nice.
{materials used: Icelandic wool, US sz 9 and 10.5 circular needles and my flying fingers}

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The sweater is getting there....

This is knitting up nicer, and quicker, than I first anticipated.
I'm getting 3.25 stitches/inch using US sz 10.5 needles and Reynold's Lopi.
I started knitting it last night, worked on it tonight and am this far along.
It's getting cold and this mom needs to keep her son warm.
I bet he is REALLY going to love this sweater. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wool and more wool!

Just look what the post lady brought to our door.....unspun Icelandic wool!! [Thank you, Annie!!!]
Annie and I shared the cost to do some serious knitting with Marilyn VanKeppel. She is posting the KAL {3 of them!} on the SchoolHousePress website.
Come join the fun and knit along!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A bow tie for my son

I quickly knit this up with sport-weight wool and US sz 1 dpn's. It was from a library book.....and I didn't write it down so I could remember to tell you where to find it for yourself. [I'm sorry..]
It was an extra piece on a sweater but when I saw it, I pictured my son wearing it as a bow tie.
I attached a curved safety pin on the back and mailed it off.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yarn for my stash!!!

Judy from DoubleDiamondKnits always comes through with a great order! I've ordered more than once and am happy when I do! The best thing?....FREE shipping on orders over $50.00.

Just LOOK at what I received!!! The Bamboo yarn feels SO soft and I plan on knitting socks using the FREE pattern on her website.........the one using a solid color and self-stripping yarn.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weave-it weaving..

..with cotton that I normally knit/crochet dish cloths, pot holders, and even handy candy dishes!!
I'm looking forward to weaving with 100% wool in different shades/colors, sewing them together and fulling them. If I start now, I could weave a blanket! [There's looking at the BIG picture!]

First, I need to get this little coaster in the mail to my mother along with all her other goodies......Her birthday is coming up and I always spoil her with fancy chocolates and cookies. This time, I'm including a pair of fulled slippers to keep her feet warm.
I used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in a worsted weight.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Over the knee baby stockings...

...for Nana's Sweet Boy.
Nana is my dear friend, Agnes. Sweet Boy? Her grandson. :)
I used, machine washable, wool sock yarn and US sz 2 needles. The pattern can be found in "Homespun Handknit: Caps, Socks, Mittens & Gloves
by Linda Ligon, ed."
I've made this pattern several times and they are the cutest, warmest (if using wool) and they stay up!
They go in the mail on Monday.