Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sweater for my son

My son designed this sweater that I finally started in Feb. 2006. It was completed Dec. 30th!!
He wanted cotton so I used Wildflower DK. I had the help of EZ and Sweater Wizard to knit it in the round with phoney seams. Since I planned on using duplicate stitch for the diamonds, I left them off. I gave up after several attempts to make the stitch look good. I thought I was going to cry until my dear hubby suggested I knit the diamonds and use my serger to shape them. Hmmm, I thought, that sounds like it might work. Needless to say, I knit the rectangles one color after another and cast off. I sandwiched the piece between two sheets of tearaway stabilizer (thank you Nancy's Notions); stitched the diamond shape with the sewing machine and then serged the edges. An embroidery chain stitch holds the diamonds in place as well as, a little whip stitching with sewing thread. Voila!! Son has his sweater now and it is as unique as he is.


svefn-g-englar said...

OH MAN, I AM SO AWESOME!!! LOOK AT THAT RASTA SWEATER I DESIGNED!! thank you soo much mom for being the best at what you do, i am now hailed as "the kid whose mom makes everything". i am proud of you mom for being you, and for being my mom!

svefn-g-englar said...

i love you momma!

Laura said...

Wow,I didn't realize you had appliqueed the argyle motif on the sweater. Now that takes serious courage (and skill!).
I have found that duplicate stitch on a black background is frustrating. To get the right amount of coverage I once doubled the yarn for the duplicate st motif. It worked OK but made that part of the sweater very stiff. Your solution is very clever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria, I decided to go back to your OLD blog entries and see what you were up to then. I was just telling Kimberly yesterday how I made a pair of argyle socks years ago. It was tough knitting the argyle. I wonder if your way was tougher? I think it is very creative how you did it. Great job! Your son is so lucky to have you!