Thursday, January 18, 2007

Branched Fern Sock

I started this sock when the invitation to join the Branched Fern Sock KAL appeared on a sock knitting group. Rochelle is the designer.
I have made many socks and since this is the first time I would be doing a toe up, I couldn't resist. It is such a nice toe. Then comes the pattern. Wow! I couldn't wait to make the heel flap as it is my all time favorite AND it's done backwards (or upside down)! It's the *sl1, k1; rep from *. I prefer it for the strength and extra cushion. If you follow the instructions, you can't go wrong.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful color!? The color is called African Violet from Knit Picks Essential.
Hope you will decide to join the group and make these yourself! The pattern is free and you get free help. How much better does it get?


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The toe up sock sounds so cool. This is from a long time ago and the link to the group no longer works. Some day I am going to do a toe up sock, it sounds good.
Also, I know I would love the African Violet yarn from Knit Picks. I wonder if they still have it.