Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spiral Yoke Sweater finished!

The hem is sewn down and it's ready to soak and block! This photo shows the pre-blocked state. Notice the back of the neck is taller and the back of the hem is longer. Thanks to Meg and EZ, I won't have the front of the neck strangling me or the back of the sweater riding up!
Dalaukala left a comment on my previous post with a very interesting question. The question? Why am I knitting the sweater so fast......I have started so many projects, got bored, put them to the side and then tried to remember how to finish them much, much later.
I had always wondered how long it would take me to actually work on just one project and finish it. I knit an Orenburg shawl many moons ago, by Galina, and kept track of how many hours/minutes it took me to knit it.....a little over 87 hours!
So here I am knitting a sweater, for me, for THIS winter......and I was very curious how soon I could get it done. I am a quick knitter to begin with.....and I know that I can knit a 42" sweater in 7 days!


  1. Absolutely incredible! It's beautiful, too. But your speed!!! My eyeballs are popping out of my head!!!

    I think speed is wonderful, but the most important thing is the enjoyment, both during the construction and then during the wearing. I think you have both all wrapped up!

  2. Congratulations give yourself a pat on the back!

  3. Beautiful sweater and congratulations on your monogamous knitting! I didn't even know that such a thing was possible.


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