Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marathon knitting-Day 5

...AND my gauge is still on track!
The spiral yoke is going up, up and around very smoothly!
I'd like to point out the phoney seam on the right sleeve. That seam is also on the other sleeve and on both sides of my sweater. This will help me in blocking so I won't have to figure out the exact side stitches.
Do you notice the gold colored yarn? My underarm stitches are on them and waiting patiently to be grafted, hence making this sweater "seamless". Thank you Meg Swansen and Elizabeth Zimmermann!
The rolled edge will be taking care of when I knit a hem....more of that when I am finished with the yoke.


Snowcatcher said...

This is coming together so fast! I'll bet you're done with the yoke as I type!

It's fun watching the progress on this!

shirley said...

You must be feeling very pleased with yourself. What size is the jumper is it for you.
By the way have signed with a link to my new blog.