Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marathon knitting-Day 7 [Today!]

Every Tuesday, through October, is Farmer's Market Day so I put off my sweater knitting to buy some fresh vegetables and fruit. Then I went to the fabric store [Billie's Designs] and bought more fabric and notions.

Here is where I'm at right now as I post this! I have one side of the underarm stitches on dpn's to Kitchener the stitches while the other side still waits on pieces of wool.
The neck is ready for me to do the EZ's sewn cast-off [the best cast off so you can still get that neck, of the sweater, over your head!].
I forgot to mention that this sweater is for me AND it's 42" around....exactly what I swatched!
I'll close so I can do those things and knit my hem to stop it from rolling. :)


  1. I love your sweater Why are you knitting it so fast

  2. Just love the design on that neckline wont be long now and it will be finished.

    Farmers markets are wonderful There is a difference in the taste of the produce that reminds me of the stuff Dad used to grow.

  3. I think you did these two posts 12 minutes apart!!! :) Absolutely gorgeous. Now you have to get a picture of you in it. Covered with snowflakes!!!


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