Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marathon knitting!

I started this sweater on the afternoon of September 15th [yes...this year..:)...].
I hope to finish it within a week of marathon knitting!
I'm using my gauge needle for Briggs & Little 2-ply in natural. The spiral yoke design is on a DVD from Meg Swansen at School House Press as well as the wool. I've watched the DVD so many times.....not only to see what to do but to enjoy listening to Meg.
I got to thinking, hmm, what if the body/arms end up being too short or too long. No problem! My solution would be to snip above the increases and short rows and ravel or knit more.
With that all said, I am headed back to my chair to knit feverishly on the second sleeve so I can do the fun yoke pattern! Ta, ta!!!

1 comment:

Snowcatcher said...

Snip!?!?! That's a curse word unless you're a quilter!!! :)

I can't believe how FAST you are!!!