Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wimples - The Old/New way to wear a scarf

Isn't this a lovely piece of work? What is a wimple? It's a fantastic scarf that doesn't fall off from around your neck while you work and/or play!
Here's how to make your own:
The yarn used is Pat's Monarch from her Fly Design and the pattern is Wavy Feathers. Caryll is the pattern designer and a joy to know.
The yarn is a sport weight and hand-dyed. I used US 9 and cast on only 88 stitches. Mind you, I am a loose knitter so you may have to use US 8 instead. When I look at a pattern, I know I will have to go a needle size down from their suggested needle.
I cast on with the long-tail method (my favorite - thanks to my mother's way of teaching), knit 3 repeats of the design and used EZ's sewn cast off to mimic the cast on.
I soaked it in wool wash and, without rinsing it, spun it in the washer for a minute. I was looking around the house wondering what I could block it on and found the right sized bag of rolled-up batting for a quilt I will make one day. The wimple slid right onto the bag and dried overnight with the help of a fan.
Today, the light and soft wimple left my house and is on its way to a special and well deserving friend clear across the US.
So now I can say I knit a wimple! I found another pattern that I plan on knitting and will share that in the very near future. :)

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Anonymous said...

The wavy feathers wimple is just beautiful. I went to the link but the pattern is too much for me. I could do it BUT....