Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Three Socks

Yes, you are seeing three different sized socks!!
The pink ones are the Dancing socks (fitting my feet that fit into a size 8 1/2" shoe). I wanted to show the heel off since I didn't do that with the original post. Very fun to do with no feel of ridges.
The next little sock (approx. 4" tall) is actually a Christmas Stocking Ornament by Mary Spanos from the booklet entitled 'Socks - A Spin-Off special publication for knitters and spinners' edited by Rita Buchanan & Deborah Robson. I used US 0 size needles and baby yarn. I really wanted to see if I could knit them up. Well, I could and they ended up being a stocking for our little pet to be put up alongside ours at Christmas time.
The last of the socks is the teensy pair (approx. 1 1/8" short). I knit these using fingering wool and 4" US 0000 needles from a pattern by Carol Breitner of Carol's Sockery. They are going to be earrings for my SIL to match the socks I made her.
The first teensy pair I knit, I used 8" US 0000. Don't attempt to do that or you may poke your eye out trying to see what you are doing!!! I was thinking about cutting back my long needles when I saw that Carol sold a shorter pair! My long needles sighed with relief (well, so did I) as I placed my order.
I hope you will be able to find these patterns either in your library or by purchasing them.
Well, I'm off to knit on another 'work-in-progress'!

NOTE: Before posting this, I called Knitter's Magazine (re: Strong-heelSocks) to ask permission to post the pattern and was declined (very politely, I might add). Their Issue K72 is still available for sale along with a very short correction on their website.

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kshotz said...

These look great Nancy!
Kim H. in IA