Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dancing socks

These socks are one of my favorites! I knit them with KnitPicks Dancing and size US 0 needles (alas...downfall of a loose knitter).
Once again, I 'colored outside the lines' and used a method different than my own by knitting to the directions of Gerdine Crawford-Strong. Her pattern is found in Knitter's Magazine Fall 2003 on pg. 36 and is titled 'Strong-heelSocks'. (check out your local library for a copy of this informative magazine)
To quote her, 'The Strong-heel sock is different. It has no flap....A small triangle of short rows and decreases contours around to the underside of the foot.....'
They knit up real quick and kept my attention. They are very comfortable to boot! Hope you can give them a try!


Debbie said...

Nicely done! I've seen the strong heel a few times and am intrigued by it. Must give it a try...just like you must give those KnitPicks circulars a try....LOL

Anonymous said...

These socks are very pretty. I like the way the toes are so smooth. Have to check further and see if you linked the pattern!