Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eagle's Flight sock

I knit this very fun, cuff-to-toe, pattern called Eagle's Flight with sock yarn called Monarch and using US size 1 bamboo dpn's. The picture shows what it looks like in Pat's fabulous hand-painted yarn! Can you tell I am absolutely crazy about Pat's yarn?
The pattern isn't hard to memorize with it's 4 pattern repeat, and knits up quickly. I love the wavy edging on the cuff and it fits like a glove!
I prefer the leg about 6 inches tall but it can easily be knitted taller per your preference.
Here's to another wonderful sock pattern!!


Shannan said...

Your sock turned out beautifully!

Scarlett said...

As a novice sock knitter, I think your heels are Michangelo's ceiling. Sure beats my pathetic short row heels. Thanks for posting this sock. Gorgeous pattern and lovely colorway yarn.

April in SC said...

Ohhhh....Those look SO wonderful!!! I'm about convinced to use my Lornas Laces with this pattern!! I just have to figure out my gauge, the pattern is for 8 right? I think on my 0's I'm getting 10 or 11, wonder how far I would have to go up to get 8? I might not have that size! LOL

Beautiful work!

April in SC

Tabitha said...

These are absolutely gorgeous socks. Actually all your socks are beautiful but I particularly like the Eagle's Flight pattern. It's on my "Must Knit" list.

Thank you also for the kind comments on the baby socks my blog. I consider this a great compliment coming from a knitter as skilled as you.

Knit On!!

Nancy said...

Those are beautiful! I think I will have to knit a pair for myself! I love that stitch pattern.

T-Mom said...

Beautiful socks! Thanks for turning me on to the pattern and the wonderful yarn--I'm always on the look-out for new hand-painted yarns and she has some beautiful color ways.

fleegle said...

Those are really beautiful! All your socks are beautiful!

Do get back to embroidery--it's a nice change from knitting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enjoying my pattern :). Lovely work!

Meg Humphrey