Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Caviar for my Chickens?

Slug Caviar....that is.
This picture was borrowed from Ask website.


  1. Gross, N. Maria....Perhaps you should find another hobby? Are your hands well enough to knit yet? Maybe you could watch someone else knit ;-( Anything but looking for slug eggs in the garden!! I recommend a nice cup of coffee and staying in the house....

  2. My garden is covered with a big, thick blanket of white right now, but I'm sure there are all kinds of nutritious goodies underneath the cold stuff to feed an army. Of praying mantises or lady bugs. :)

    I hope your hands are healing up well so you can soon be knitting or quilting!

  3. Very cool! However did you spot those?

  4. More continuation -- I am not able to edit , because your sidestrip is covering the word "edit" - are those thesnails' eggs?


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