Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sheep Heid Tam for me....

....and knit by my dear friend, Denise, of LostCityKnits.  The irony of this is
that I test knit for her and she knit this for me.  She knew I would
not be able to knit it for some time as I have DeQuervain's Syndrome in my left thumb/wrist.
Ouch is right.
Not being able to knit, sew, tat, crochet and other daily activity is making me not so happy.

I DO have a question about my hair and would love input from you all......should I leave it the length it is
or cut it short.  I look forward to your opinions!
Hope everyone else is doing better than me.  :)


  1. You look so CUTE!!!! Definitely go with long hair. I always dreamed of a long long braid, but alas I am cursed with thin pathetic hair ;-( Yours is wonderful...keep it is my vote!!! Heal, my friend!

  2. Hi, my friend Maria, never cut it. Keep it long. It goes so well with your beautiful face. You always can bind it back or make a pinned up-do. Once cut you will never grow it again.
    The cap is marvellous. I love it. It is an artfully knitted piece!!

  3. Another vote for long hair from me! That's a beautiful hat, and it looks great on you! Hope you are back to knitting soon...

  4. How lovely! I keep bouncing back and forth between inch-long hair and shoulder-blade-length myself... I tend to like it shorter in the winter (generates less static) and longer in the summer. Um, but really, your hair, up to you!

  5. Okay, I love short hair! Did I say how much I love short hair?! I have had my hair short now for over 35 years and I am 56 years old. So my vote is. . . .you guessed it. . . . short! LOL

  6. Hi, I found you via Jenknitfer and I love the tam! I also vote for long, you look beautiful with it like that topped off with the gorgeous tam. Hope you can get some relief with your wrist. I got RSI in mine after too much knitting and crocheting for my first great niece, not being able to knit, crochet or stitch for 6 weeks nearly killed me, goodness knows how you are managing!


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