Sunday, December 15, 2013

The chicken named Princess Pea

Princess Pea in the roost
I just came in after locking the three girls out of their huge run so I could dig up some carrots.  They wanted in badly because I had the tool that digs up worms.  Oh, yeah!
I caved and let them in  and dug up some worms and such.  Princess Pea ran to the roost and I thought, Ah, an egg will soon be here, and went back to digging for #1 and Tattie.  Lo and behold, Princess Pea was back.  Hmmm, I know she didn't have enough time to do her job.  She must have thought, I have a few minutes before I have to.
Never mind, I thought, and went back to digging.  Oh!  There goes Princess Pea running to the roost, again!  This time she didn't come back.....not even for worms.  I'm still laughing at how she thought she could squeeze in one more worm before squeezing out one more egg.  LOLOL


Snowcatcher said...

How funny! Animals can put on such a tremendous show! Hope your carrots were delicious, and hope Princess keeps delivering the goods!

shirley said...

That is such a funny story....they must have brains after all.