Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Frank Tree.

I made this up as I went along to make The Frank Tree.
This special tree is a countdown to his birthday.  
I loved the Christmas Paisley as the background to the Silk Dupioni tree and ornaments.
The Moose was recreated out of wool felt.  
He made that with his bare hands and foot when he was almost three.
The back has a huge Houndstooth pattern (with wings).
Next time, I'll sew this a little different.
Again, no pattern, just my imagination and knowing my son will love the back.
There is also a dowel pocket at the top.

I made this for him because it was to be all about Frank.

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  1. The design on the back is so cool! I know he will love it! And good to see you can do a tiny bit of creativity again! Merry belated Christmas, and many happy wishes for the new year!


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