Monday, August 25, 2008

Autumn Lace socks finished!!!

I have another pair of socks and they fit great!

If you would like to knit a pair like this for yourself, please come check out Six Sox KAL. A FREE new pattern is introduced each even-numbered month of the year.

So, that's what was what?!


  1. They turned out wonderful, both inside out and right side out.

  2. Oooh, those are so cool! (And I'm totally trying to join the Six Sox KAL. That's a great idea! I hope they approve me!)

  3. What wonderful socks! Are you going to keep them for yourself? I think you should.....all the knitting you do for others.

  4. Argh! I didn't mean to start a pair of Sox, but as soon as I got approved for Six Sox, I did.

    I have no yarn-related willpower...

  5. Great socks, dear Maria! I really love them!
    I got a little Award for you and your blog to fetch from my blog.
    My Mum made it and I am very proud to pass it on to you!
    love and hugs


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