Monday, August 18, 2008

Socks for my ex..

When I found out my ex had been in Iraq since May, I wanted to knit him some socks. He still needs some comfortable wool socks even if he's not in the military.

I called and emailed his wife to make sure it was okay for me to make them. She gave me the thumbs up and so my journey began.

I used my antique sock knitting machine to knit the ribbed legs. Next, I put them on US sz 1's to knit the feet.............all the way to a size 13 shoe!


  1. You are too sweet. What an nice thing to do!

  2. That's such a sweet thing to do. And they look great. What color are you using?

  3. that's a super sweet thing to do! how thoughtful...

  4. Candi, I'm using the Ash color.
    You all made me blush with the nice comments. :)
    His wife is super....and beautiful inside and out.

  5. Now why can't all ex's be like you! I work in divorce court, so I have seen many that are not quite a friendly as you are! haha

    Too bad you couldn't use the machine for the whole sock. Size 13 indeed!


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