Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Autumn Lace

I've had this gifted yarn since Christmas. When I saw the Autumn Lace title in Six Sox KAL, this yarn (with the many colors of fall) came to mind.

This Unknown Yarn screamed - "Pick me to be made into those socks!" I just know you know what I'm talking about.

This pair is knit with a shorter leg than the patterns suggested knitting of 8 inches. I also knit the picot hem with a size smaller needle than the gauge needle. It flares out less that way.

The selfish side of me is knitting them for me. :)


  1. Well, if you're making a pair for your ex, you CERTAINLY should make a pair for yourself!

    (Love the colorway. Too bad it's Mystery Yarn - I'd try to find some, too!)

  2. I like that yarn, how do you do a picot start.


  3. Do you think it might be Araucania Ranco Multi? Does it feel like an all-wool sock yarn? (And does it felt? The Araucania felts like crazy...)

    Either way, it looks lovely with the pattern!

  4. Hi Susan - I have a feeling it will definitely felt. Thank you for mentioning that possibility. I've learned from you that when in doubt, handwash! :)
    I emailed Miss Scarlett privately about the picot start. ;)
    Miss Craftygryphon - If I ever find out about the Mystery Yarn, I will let you know. The colors are just beautiful! PS~My ex was a very nice man and he's so very happy with his wife of almost 18 years.
    Thank you for the lovely comments!

  5. Dang - the yarn is beautiful. And in reply to the fact that you're knitting them for yourself, as my grandma used to say........"who better than I".

  6. I love that yarn it is lovely! Everybody needs good hand knitted socks, even the knitter :).

  7. beautiful yarn! love the colors. and you SHOULD make them for you! you go, girl! ; )


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