Friday, September 5, 2008

Socks..and How does your garden grow....

Well, the post office thought it would take two weeks for the socks to get to Iraq. My ex got them in 5 days! What did he think of them? He said they were Perfect! and Comfy!

Then my mom sent me some potatoes. These aren't just any potatoes......she grew them in her garden. She had over 90 hills of them! Now, most of my friends know that my mom grows her own vegetables and fruit...and then prepares them for the freezer to last her until next garden season. She's an amazing woman. What she learned, in school, helped her survive on next to nothing.

So, I prepared the two biggest potatoes weighing in at 1 pound EACH. The two under the pink ruler weigh over 11 ounces. It's going to be really hard going back to store potatoes. Maybe, mom shouldn't send me stuff like that..........


  1. Wow that was fast delivery. I'm glad to hear that he liked the socks.

    Yum, I love potatoes and I can see why the ones your mom sent are extra special.

  2. Nothing like home grown spuds!! I'm drooling!

    And I'm so glad the socks got to Iraq so quickly!

  3. You have to be a saint or something to be sending socks to your ex!!! You can send me some if you want. I have a small foot lol! and how lucky you are to have a gardner Mom. those potatoes look delish
    HUgs Patt

  4. Oh, I just bought some potatoes last night-- from Safeway. I haven't had any potatoes for over 6 weeks (and I LOVE potatoes!) ever since I was at Mom's and she dug some new potatoes. I used to get packages like that too, and carrots as well. What flavour! It's really disgusting when I have to get mine from SW -- I have no idea what they do to them, but they sure have taken the taste out of good food.

    How I wish I had a little patch of ground to grow a few veggies!

  5. Your Mom sounds very special. Oh how I love potatos.


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