Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Papaya - A Creature, Great and Small

It doesn't seem to matter what animal you fall in love with....they become a part of your family. [Picture is of Papaya - so named from the Fruity Litter.]
It all began when I wanted to get a little pet for my son. We're in the pet store going our separate ways checking out all the possibilities. I hear the pet store owner, standing next to my son, calling out my name. As I approached them, the owner places a small animal in my hands. I cup it so it can't fall. He, later named Skittles (like the candy), licked my hand. Oh, my gosh!, it's tasting me!!! I reluctantly agreed to get my son this cute little male ratling. Skittles and my son grew to be best friends. They even took naps together.
Now after several ratties have come and gone, I talked my hubby into two wee ones I found on the web. I was making sure to find ones that were bred for health and disposition.

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