Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Feta - Another Creature, Great and Small

Here's a bit about Feta [named from the Cheesiest Litter]:

6 week old Feta Hart (a female Agouti Berk was born January 29, 2005, and died June 7, 2006) came home with us from Portland, OR.
Feta was very trusting and an avid explorer. My husband, Ed, would put his hand out to her and she would climb into it without hesitation. He soon learned that Miss Feta would rather use his hand as an elevator than walk down the ramp for breakfast, lunch or dinner! She loved to eat and Ed nicknamed her his little Buddha.
She wanted to see and smell everything. She was fearless! Ed, used to say if she was out in the wild, she would be the first one in a trap!
Miss Feta struggled with the silent respiratory killer. On June 7, 2006, an x-ray showed air in only one lung. Feta was miserable and very scared. With much agony, we let her go to rat heaven that day. She was a little over 17 months old. The joy she brought to us, as all rat owners know, was priceless. We miss her dearly.

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  1. we also had a rat my grand daughter brought home for the summer from school. how me feel in love with him and were sick when he died.


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