Monday, April 23, 2007

Mod Coasters

Well, here's my coaster. {Warning: This is not for the person who easily loses ones place when interrupted or when looking at your knitting and then back at your pattern. Have some good markers AND a quiet room so you can concentrate.}
After the first garter-stitch triangle (right bottom corner), I got better. I think I was slipping or SSKing the wrong way. Needless to say, I got the hang of it -- finally.
I pattern is from a Knitty Gritty episode. I used 'Butterfly Mercerized Cotton' that knits 22 sts to 4", rather than the merino suggested in the pattern. It makes a wonderful sized coaster. I was wondering if I knit five more and sewed them all around this one, if it would make a good place mat. Hmmm, you could do more with this than I originally thought and make it oblong as well! Just imagine matching coasters with your place mats!

Here is a picture of more colors this cotton comes in.


  1. Very cool! I think I need some. :)

  2. Oh, very nice! I had the yellow/orange for a round baby blanket and the pink is still in my stash. This cotton is lovely to work with!

  3. Cute coaster. Love the colors of the Butterfly cotton. Where did you find it? I think I have missed that yarn.

  4. Hi I did the coaster too!!!! It was so much fun!!! Love the colors you chose. Unfortunately I did mine in darker colors so you can't really see the progression and variegation of colors. But nonetheless it came out really cool.

  5. Oh forgot to mention that I did start a blog, but haven't done too much work on it. Still trying to understand how it all works!!!


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