Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Feta and Papaya - together again


  1. Oh I'm so sorry! They are both so sweet and cute and their names are adorable. There is a great web site - - where you can write up and post tributes to Feta and Papaya and put their name on the Rainbow Bridge list. There is a really great message forum as well. Again - I'm really sorry.

  2. Awww they are such darlings. I love animals. I would have a little creature like except he would be in peril from the three cats who rule my life. I do hope you get a new friend to keep you company..


  3. Thank you for such kind words. I think I may want to be pet-free for a while so my heart can re-coop.
    We lost a dear friend AND one of our dogs Jan 06; lost the other dog Feb 06; Feta June 06; Papaya Apr 07.
    I think the loss of a family pet is very hard to endure.
    I, too, love all animals.
    With hugs, Maria

  4. Oh, I am sad for ALL your pet losses. It is hard to loose them.

    The pics are adorable.

    you want a kleenex ??

  5. They are seriously cute! Just adorable!


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