Monday, July 1, 2013

Unknown, to me, plant......

This was left on the lot.  Does anyone have any idea what this plant is?


  1. It's a yucca plant. Weird that it seems to be doing so well in the Pacific NorthWet :-) It's a desert plant, usually. Related to the Joshua Tree.

    I'm capable of writing less choppy sentences when I've consumed more coffee...

  2. Oh, you look like you've been to my childhood stomping grounds. You don't know what memories yuccas hold for me!!!

  3. I think these plants have a few different names. We have similar ones here in our garden in Cairns and I once posted a photo to ask what it was called. A type of yucca was one name. Ours grow rather large and the stalk goes around 6 metres up in the air!! Pretty amazing!


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