Friday, June 7, 2013

My garden groweth!

 Just LOOK at those pea plants!  They have loads of flowers here on June 5th.
A baby pea pod and a few more found after I noticed some flower petals on the garden soil below!!!

There was also a strawberry ready to, I failed to take a photo before it was eaten.


Hilltophomesteader said...

I am marching out to my stawberry bed RIGHT NOW and give them a talking to! I want a fresh strawberry, too!
Your peas look fabulous! Now all you need are a few new potatoes, a little cream sauce with onions and those fresh sweet peas.....Don't you LOVE garden fresh stuff?????

Snowcatcher said...

Your peas are bigger than my peas!!! I'm jealous! I think mine get affected by altitude. You've made me drool!