Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flying Disc Tatted Doily

 Blocking with some thread here and there.
Blocked with thread tails cut off (eek! except for one which I have cut since this photo)
Pattern can be found in 'Easy Tatting' by Rozella F. Linden.
Size 20 thread by Flora


  1. what a beautiful little doiley. I love your tatting Maria

  2. Ooh! Very pretty! I have that book, so maybe this will be one of my summer projects.

  3. Stunning, and the colors are awesome! Looks like a valentine gift!!!

  4. 'Easy Tatting' is an oxymoron!!! I once had our little friend Jennifer try to show me just the VERY FIRST KNOT and I just couldn't see it! You are a genius and this doily is exquisite!


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