Tuesday, June 18, 2013

La Chickens (aka: The Girls)

 Their new home.
 One came down the ladder wayyyy before the other 3.
 "What is that noise beneath us?  It sounds like something is eating and drinking!"
No-Knead Bread
So you see.....There's more going on than knitting, lately.


  1. I'm not an animal person, but if I were I think I would like to have chickens. It looks like they have a fabulous home.

  2. Your yard is ADORABLE, your chicken palace is SPLENDID and I love your little hens! Have you named them? Is the beautiful loaf of bread a 'welcome home' present for them? Or was it consolation for Ed that he's now become a.....farmer?! No matter, make him a nice cup of coffee and he'll get over it!
    Way to go, farmer Maria, a kindred spirit ;-)

  3. How wonderful to be able to gather your own eggs. I agree the chickens do live in a palace. You have been busy baking and growing your food.


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