Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finished Objects

 Waldesgrund Doily
 Love those close ups...
 Charity sewing hats and mittens
 Flannel back of quilt below
 My own way of not having to line up the blocks....
 Flannel back of next quilt
 Having fun with Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)
Apron and oven mitts for Leah
 The garden is finished, too.
They moved in...


  1. The spider web is awesome and funny, too. The quilting projects are wonderful and cheery. And that lace, oh, my goodness! Drool city!!!!!

  2. Hello my lovely friend. I am catching up. Your lace doiley is to die for....that design is just so beautiful. You are really making headway with your quilting. The photo of the spiderweb is awesome even though I hate the little monsters.

  3. I will knit a lace doily some day. I just know I will. Yours is gorgeous!


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