Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WEFT Fiber Arts Magazine comes to life.....

This is exciting news from my friend, Marilyn, who lives on a boat.  I will be joining the many subscribers for many reasons.....1)  I love fiber, 2) It's at a great price, and 3) I know Marilyn!!!!  
Here is the news:

I’m very excited to announce that the former Island Shuttle has been re-born as WEFT Fiber Arts Magazine  – the first issue will be available on March 1st!
Many of you know me as the former producer of the Victoria FibreFest, an avid knitter and long-time ambassador of all things fibre-related. The first time I laid eyes on the Island Shuttle (probably ten years ago now) I introduced myself to Dianne, offered my help if she ever needed it – and then boldly informed her that if she ever wanted to give it up, I’d be interested in taking it on. So when I saw ‘The Shuttle Says Goodbye’ on the front page of the final issue, I had to call! 
What you might not know is that, in addition to my enthusiasm for all things fibre, I have a 25-year background as a freelance writer and publisher, so newsletter production is a great fit for me. After ‘laying low’ here on Salt Spring Island for the last year-and-a-half, I was ready to jump back in – those of you who know me will be surprised that it took me this long!
Dianne suggested that I do a ‘fresh start’ instead of carrying on under the Island Shuttle banner.  So I’ve changed its name and the publication frequency (it will be published every other month now), but otherwise, I’ve always had the philosophy that ‘if it works, don’t fix it!’ In other words, ad and subscription rates won’t change any time soon, and you can expect the same great coverage of news, events, contacts, and classifieds that made the Island Shuttle such a wonderful  resource for all of us! 
Here’s what Dianne had to say… 
“I think there is a place for a publication for fibre enthusiasts in British Columbia, one that connects people and organizations, introduces new people to sources, equipment and teachers and publicizes events. I wish Marilyn well with her new endeavour.”  
~ Dianne Cross, Editor/Publisher, former Island Shuttle ~ 
If you are a former advertiser, I’d love to hear from you to re-start your ad. If you are a former subscriber, I’d love to hear from you to re-start your subscription. If you’d like to be a NEW advertiser or subscriber, I’d love to hear from you to get you started!  If you are simply a former fan of Island Shuttle, I look forward to being read (and recommended!) by you, and to hearing from you (comments, critiques and suggestions welcome) as I build the new WEFT (Westcoast Enthusiasts For The Fibre Arts) Magazine!  Looking forward to hearing from you!  

Subscriptions: are $20 for two years. 
AD PRICES: A business card was $10, a quarter page $25 and a half page $50 for the two year subscription period.
Cheques can be made out to:
Marilyn Guille DBA WEFT
2878 Fulford-Ganges Rd
Salt Spring Island, BC

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  1. Don't laugh, but when I first began reading this, I thought YOU were taking over and that we had yet one more thing in common... writing and publishing!

    I wish Marilyn the best in her endeavor!


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