Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knitted Clogs and a Christmas Stole

Meet my new house slippers with pixie toe!  Who else, but Elizabeth Zimmermann, would design this adorable and quick knit to keep your feet warm.  The wool used is Sheepsdown and US sz 9 needles at 2.75 stitches to the inch.

This is the Belle Affaire stole (knit through Clue 12) by Birgit of Knitting Delight.  Yarn used is Navy Merino/Silk from the Little Wool Co in New Zealand and produced by Anna Gratton.


  1. Knit slippers are great for around the house, and I know I have this pattern. My yarn stash is overwhelming... hmmm... I think you've given me an idea! Thanks!

    I love the stole! That reminds me... I have two in progress. Better get to work!

  2. So cool! How great to see you doing Belle Affaire and being on the Niebling group. Your Belle A is looking wonderful - can't wait to see your Nieblings! (wink!)
    Naphta (aka Purpleworms)

  3. My first thought was "elf shoes!" More beautiful work. I'm hoping to get in some lacework next year.


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