Saturday, November 19, 2011

Surprise from Down Under.......

 Look at all the wonderful colors!  The floss, crochet/tatting thread, different squares of fabulous fabric, hand painted cards, a heart key chain, buttons, lavender sachet, embroidery embellishment and then.............
............................................THIS.  I love.  This.
All this from my wonderful friend, Shirley, from Australia.  We have been blogging friends since way back when.  She's a wonderful and very talented friend.


  1. Hi Maria - thank you for your nice comment on my "coaster". I went to your blog - but I was there many times before - I saw the embroidery and knew it was from Shirley. Isn't that a wonderful gift - zentangle hearts and all the little things.
    It is so dear of Shirley.

  2. All wonderful gifts! Really a great package there....lucky you!

    big hugz

  3. Hello Maria, what a lovely selection you've received. We are all so fortunate to have made such friends across the world through our love of the needle and related arts. I am sure all of these goodies will have a good home with you. You are quite right - Shirley is a generous and caring friend. I just adore those little swing cards. Lucky you, and thanks so much for your wonderful support on my blog.

  4. And now the most fun part will be to see what you come up with using up all that gorgeous floss and thread!


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