Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Footies and a Sweater

Ahh, footies!  My son has received a pair of these almost every year since he was a wee lad.  He loves the strange ones and even better if they don't match.  Yes, those are them.....the ones with all the colors.  The other 3 are just one of each of three additional pair he asked me to knit for his friends.  No sense in putting them all in since they look just like the ones shown.  :)
I used 2 strands of Cascade 220 Superwash and US sz 6 dpn's.

Then there is this sweater I knit without a pattern but it was EZ.  Yes, easy to knit with what I learned from EZ (Elizabeth Zimmermann).
I did learn the Channel Island cast-on from Meg Swansen with split welt on the sides.  I kept the side stitches in purl and took in the waist a bit for an hourglass figure.  I kept knitting in the round setting in the sleeves and only doing a 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders....the rest is seamless.
Mom sent me the yarn (a little heavier than worsted) and I used US sz 7 needles.


  1. Those footies look so comfy cozy, and they look like they'd work up quickly! Is the pattern your own?

  2. I'm loving the wild socks, too. And marvelous sweater, especially since you designed it yourself.

    Hopefully we can get together one day and you can teach me the three-needle bind-off. I use a crochet hook to bind off all my knitting! :D

  3. Diane, I wish the pattern was mine. Here is where I got it from: .Scroll down a bit and on the left, they are the brown footies.
    Similar to Grandma's Slippers pattern, Megan Mills designed them to be fitted at/under the heel. They DO work up very fast.
    A few tips: when you M1, do it tightly; I only worked 18 ridges and it was still a bit long so I crocheted laces so they could be laced up on top of your foot like a tennis shoe.

  4. Deb (aka: Snowcatcher), I think your method of crochet cast-off is easier. For me, I would have to make sure I kept the crochet stitches loose. Come on over, though!

  5. Great projects again Maria [of course]. Thanks for sharing these, as well as the advice you so freely give. Thank you too for your enthusiasm for the work I'm doing. I do appreciate the time it takes to look and comment. I think we are two peas in a pod!!

  6. I'am looking out for Dotee Dolls. Do you make them?
    grt, Helmi

  7. I love those wild slippers Maria, you have been busy. You amaze me being able to knit a jumper without a clever lady you are.
    x shirley

  8. The slippers are gorgeous and look very warm! Stay warm my friend. Okay, knitted sweater without a are AWESOME! That is some feat!!



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