Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two of the saddest things I know......

.....when my needles finished the last round of knitted lace on this delightful-to-knit Herbert Niebling design,
.......and when my spoon got to the bottom of this super delicious Bengal Chutney made by Julie.


  1. BEAUTIFUL work! You must get more Bengal Chutney! lol...


  2. Gorgeous! ...and I can almost taste the chutney! ; )

  3. Sorry to hear you've hit the bottom of the chutney bottle, and hope you can acquire some more some time soon.

    I'm going to be selfish and say I'm not sorry to see the lace knitting finished, because now we get to see it!! Looks beautiful already, can't wait to see it all spruced up 'for the public'. Take care.

  4. I've never experienced chutney, but I've experienced your lace first hand, and that is one stunning piece!!!

  5. Two very sad happenings! Ha, ha. At least no. 1 can still be seen. And no. 2 tasted lovely and can be remembered like that.
    No. 1 is so beautiful and I am full of admiration for your big work.

  6. Beautiful work! I'm quite envious that you got to knit this and actually finished it. Can you give me an idea as to how many balls/yards of cotton you used? I have a stash here on the boat. Say "Hi" to Marilyn on WindWalker next time you see her!


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