Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Herbert Niebling knitted lace never looked better

The title says it all....when you have beautiful stitch markers by Marilyn.  I only used 3 of one set and one green (to mark the beginning of the round) even though there were 8 repeats to start.  You end up with 32 repeats at the end.

This is one of many from "Knitted Lace Designs of Herbert Niebling".  A picture of it is on page 48 and the charted pattern on pages 50-51.

I used #30 DMC Cebelia Crochet Thread with US sz 0 circular needles. 

This lovely knitted lace traveled with me to Canada on Holiday with Julie and caused many a conversation on the Clipper!


  1. Can't wait to see this one finished Maria. Niebling has some spectacular designs. I don't have his 'books', but a number of his designs have been in ANNA which I do have. Good luck with it as you go along. Those stitch markers are so much more glamorous than my little loops of contrast yarn!!!

  2. Maria, this looks absolutely lovely I am not surprised you received a lot of remarks.

    Did the people who remarked on your knitting also remark on your beautiful thick hair....

  3. I am just starting out on lace knitting.....I have a long way to go. When I can knit a lace shawl or something without too much swearing I will move on to another more complicated...very impressive!!!

  4. When I retire, I would love to drive out and visit you so that we could work on a Herbert Niebling design together. I really think I would need to moral support to finish one of his beautiful designs!

  5. I'll bet it caused many a conversation, as well as a bucket or two of drool!

    I'm always in awe when I see someone knitting such fine work on the train. I'll bet you're a delight to watch in person, but I'll bet viewers wish they could put you on slow motion!


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