Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My excellent adventure......

…with Julie.  Of course, there was Robert and Arban, too.  I was just there in July when I received an invite to come for another visit.  So soon?!  Oh for sure, eh!  I was delighted!
Julie picked me up and as soon as we arrived, we left again.  Supplies were in and we had to pick them up.  We were back and quickly went to work making……dill pickles!....40 pounds of pickles!  I knew it!  That’s why she asked me up for a visit!  ;o)

Then came Tuesday and my hair appointment with Greg.  I had been dreading it.  I mean…..REALLY dreading it, sweats and all!  I was trying to get him to hear my concerns about my curly hair but he only heard, “Blah, blah, blah”.  Greg escorted me to get my hair shampooed, then to THE chair and he asked me in a soft voice, “So what do you want people to say when they see your hair?”  Wow!  I had never, ever been asked that question by a hairstylist.  Never.  “I want them to say, Look at that curly thick hair”.  Something like that.  I was still thinking about his perfect question!   Pictures?  Maybe later.
Needless to say, Greg was finished with my new do and I was super happy.  I was Glamorous! Julie said.   I Love it!
I thought all the stress and excitement was done.  I thought she was all surprised out.  Wrong.  Julie had one more up her sleeve for Wednesday, the day after my Glam hair day…..we were going to Salt Spring Island via the Ferry!  To visit Marilyn!!!!  

After a delicious lunch on the Wind Walker (Marilyn and Michael’s boat) Marilyn took us to Fulford  

where we walked and got acquainted with some of the shop owners.  It was over before we knew it.  We boarded the Ferry, were home in no time and then we rested.
I think I ate and talked a LOT!  It’s just not fair we all don’t live closer together.  As it is, my excellent adventure is just a drive and Clipper-trip away.


  1. Oh Maria, I am dying to see your new hair style. The hairdresser sounds a darling. What a great visit you had with your friends. Home made dill pickle how delicious.

  2. ME TOO! ME TOO! I want to see the new do! ha ha, I made a rhyme!

    I knew you must be having the time of your life. What an adventure. Plenty of variety! Welcome home!

  3. Sounds like you had an absolute ball. I'm tipping even the dill pickle making was fun. I'm interested in the new hair cut too. I've got exactly the opposite, and hate it. Nice to see you back.


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