Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Queen Stole - clue 1 finished..... 2 days!  Is that quick, you ask?  Here's the math:  Crochet cast-on 237 stitches and knit 40 rounds.  All the even numbered rounds were plain knit and I'm a little lazy about turning my work around so I knit back backwards.  Besides, I like to look at the right side....where I can see if I missed (or added) a yarn over (yo).  When I knit lace, that's where I "might" mess up.  Hmmm, how do I know that?  ;o)

I am going to get busy knitting on clue 2 tonight because Birgit is going to release clue 3 very soon!  She is quite the designer.  I'm very impressed with her work.

It's not too late to do some lace knitting of your own.  Come join the KAL fun at Knitting-Delight!!


  1. Ooooo, that's gonna be pretty...!

    I can't knit backwards yet, but I'm taking a class at the TKGA conference in September, so hopefully after that!

  2. Wow, so you don't even know what the next part is, you're just working as clues are posted?!? You're even more amazing than I knew!

    I knit backwards, too. Taught myself because my mom wanted to learn, and she is left-handed. She didn't like trying to learn crocheting from watching me in the mirror. So I taught myself to knit left-handed to teach her...

  3. Yup, Deb, I am clueless to the what the finished project will look like. I've done several stoles like that with Secret of the Stole and Mystery Stole.
    I think if you told me what you could NOT do, the list would easier to remember! To me, you are the most amazing and generous person I know. Your attitude is beyond words...always bright. :)

  4. You're a brave lady to tackle this 'sight unseen'. I'll be watching this one's progress too. You are going to keep me inspired. So nice of our little matchmaker Shirley to 'introduce' us. Happy Knitting.

  5. I'm going to try your method for learning to knit backwards - thanks for the mini-lesson!!


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