Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Jennifer Doily.... 9 1/2" wide from point to point.

I knitted her in two days using sz 30 cotton thread and US sz 000 needles.  The pattern can be found in "Knitted Heirloom Lace III" by Gloria Penning

Lace, in all manner, is beautiful.  Even if we think we cannot do it, we try....and then we have a masterpiece like the Jennifer Doily.  It's just keeping track of where you are in the pattern.....just knits, yo's, k2tog's, ssk's'/SKP.........that's all.  It's actually easier than knitting a sweater because this doesn't have to fit you.  :o)


shortoldlady said...

Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful job you did!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Two days?! Wow! It's stunning!

creativedawn said...

Lol...I can believe that. I'm still trying to knit a sweater - in my dreams! That is gorgeous...looks like!


Linda said...

Looks lovely, and I totally agree with you about not needing to worry about sizing. I love lace knitting, and this is a delightful design. Thank you too for the link to the designer.

Snowcatcher said...

Yes, I'm choking on that "two days" part, too! Stunning work. But also funny, not having to fit!

"Skipper" said...

Great to meet you today, Maria -- hope to stay in touch, and see you again soon! :-)


Lost City Denise said...

I'm madly in LOVE with the Jennifer Doily!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

How beautiful! I dream of being able to knit!

Thanks you for visiting and following my blog, I'm now following you! Have a wonderful week!


margrit said...

It looks beautiful
thanks for the comment to my Malibu.
best wishes margrit