Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Queen KAL... Knitting-Delight is definitely a delight!  Most of the chat is in German but the KAL is in your choice of English, German, Italian and French.

This is my swatch.  Yes, I said swatch....the one thing most knitters do not want to do.  It is a must in order for things to fit properly.
My swatch measured 19x23cm (7.5"x9") using 2/18 JagerSpun Zephyr and US sz 9 needles.
I think my swatch is a bit too big.  What do you think?

What I love about this, so that I learned a new technique/stitch.  Very interesting.  If you want to REALLY challenge yourself, join the KAL!


  1. Maria, this looks an intricate but beautiful design. Will you be using this pattern in a garment.

  2. Ha! Thank you, Shirley, for helping my other readers.....I forgot to say that the Summer Queen is a stole!!!!


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