Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wishbone Sweater for my son

This is the nicest sweater to knit up when you are in a hurry to send something warm to your grown child.
I used Sheepsdown wool [from School House Press], knitting needles for MY gauge and my knitting bible - Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.
The finished sweater weighs only 2.53 pounds. Details on how to knit this wonderful sweater is in the Knitter's Almanac.
Do you see my personal message in the hem at the back? Once again, I used wool...
I wish everyone could have a sweater like this to wrap themselves up in because it's like a big hug!


Snowcatcher said...

Even the name and date! I'm so impressed! I've done that with quilting, and I've embroidered a few, but to knit one... WOW!

Ha ha! My word verification is fidget!! Love it!

creativedawn said...

The sweater is the name and date! and yes would love it if you knit it!!! I need to travel to your house and take some lessons!


danielle said...

I scrolled thru your blog this AM and you are quite the needle artist! The brown sweater - what a lovel hug ull of love! I am s impressed and love the fact that you put messages into all your sweater....can you be more specific ho you do that?