Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Remember hearing this.......You treat people like you want to be treated.
What do you do when you've done that, to people that matter to you, and they still treat you like you don't matter?

It saddens me to no end. My heart aches and the corners of my mouth are catching up to the edge of my jaw. I find myself alone and pulling away from friends and family because I can't put my happy face on and pretend.......I just can't.

The very hard part is treating them like they treat me. I have to fight the urge to be nice to them. It breaks my heart, each time, because that is not who I am.


  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog and in reading this post it takes me back to when I was too nice to stand up for myself. Sometimes if you want people's behaviors to change toward you, you have to change your behavior towards them. Not saying that you have to be mean you have to stand your ground and know that you deserve better in ALL situations. At some point in time though, you will hit a peak and you won't take anyone's mess. Believe it !

  2. Soooo true! I have stood up, gone to couseling as a couple, etc. He's not truthful so he can't get help. There is no one else that is in my life that treats me that way. I am now on the way out after 10 years. I was strong and slowly brought down.
    You are right....I deserve better in ALL situations. :)
    Thank you so much for leaving a wonderful and caring comment!

  3. I am actually in the middle...well tail end of this. I had friends from when i was in my last year of high school, a couple years later both of our families got into a fight. a year later i was pregnant and then they wanted to be friends again...trying to change my attitude i was all for it... about 2 1/2 years later they are back to the treating me like dirt... so i have not talked to them in about 2 years and one of the girls that was my friend is trying to be friends with me again... I am sorry, how hard is it to treat someone like a human being... i have always been overly nice and respectful to them... why treat me rotten? so i decided not to have any poison in my life like them...people should treat people like human beings.

    also yeah. it really is hard to harden yourself, its just not natural to be horrible. Just hope that they might change, just a bit and feel how you feel... it hasn't worked for my mom, but here's to trying. :)

  4. I am so sorry anyone could treat you other than the gold you are. Just know that you are cared about and loved by others who matter.

    That email that goes around and around and around all the time comes to mind... Some people come into your life for a day, some come for a week or a year or a month, and some last a lifetime. We've all lost friends who spent only a day or so. We must take the pleasant memories and not pack the stones in our backpacks. Too much weight to carry; too many other reasons to smile.

    I hope you will find your smiles again soon. And know that I care!

  5. The world is full of people like that, you try to do the right thing by people, and then they turn. The hardest thing about it is not knowing why.

    Chin up old girl...you are a wonderful person....and deserve to be treated nicely.....believe in that and try not to be to sad.

  6. Many of us have been where you are. {{{hugs}}}
    There is a better life coming.

  7. Maria,
    Hold your head up and keep smiling because you know what? Those folks always need something from you. You go ahead and forgive them, but do what makes your heart feel good. Sometimes the kindness and goodwill doesn't come from the folks we are kind to. God is sending you blessings all the time and even when it's difficult, try and remember how good it felt to do good for someone who has no love in his/her life...that's why they treat you badly. AND don't invest yourself in those folks's lives. Be kind, but be on your way!
    big hugs for you and prayers too!


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