Thursday, May 6, 2010

My tatted Suncatcher

....can be found here. Scroll down and search for Feb 2006. The FREE patterns date back to 2005.
This looked better BEFORE I wet and blocked it.....but here it is. This is the first time I ever used 2 shuttles and I am a self-taught tatter. LOL. Say THAT fast a few times!
So, my wonderful followers [gosh, you all make my day!] and fellow tatters know that I am STILL learning. I can only get better. :)
I signed up for the newsletter and they are wonderful! Each month you will get an email from Nancy Tracy with a pattern to tat. What's nice about her patterns, is if you are stumped --- you can e-mail her for help!
{Royale Classic sz 10 crochet thread, color 0422 Golden Yellow, sz 7 crochet hook}


  1. VERY neat work. Lovely sunshiny colour too. Please send some sun our way in the UK if you can spare any.

  2. It's lovely! And I love the element of size you've given by including the dime. It helps to see how delicate your tatting is!

  3. I ran across a tatting blog and immediately thought of you. It's in another language, but I hope you will enjoy viewing the projects as much as I did.

  4. This is a really pretty design. You are doing really well with your tatting. Wish i had the time and patience.


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